Buying a new watch is an emotional decision and a significant financial investment. We protect your investment by building a durable, precision tool from top grade materials that can endure repeated abuse while performing as advertised. We know that there are many great reasons to own an Avian, so we wanted to share our top 5.


We only use top grade materials to build your watch. Our team takes incredible pride in sourcing the finest materials available, the likes of which are normally seen in watches with a 10x higher price point. Our watch cases are made from Industrial Grade 316L Stainless Steel, not cheaper skin irritating alloy metals. We use thick, solid sapphire crystal to protect the dial and never low grade mineral glass. Your watch glass will never scratch or haze thanks to its superior scratch resistance. We use genuine, top grain leather for our watch straps and not a synthetic faux product that was created in a laboratory.


Although their beautiful design certainly qualifies, Avian watches are made to be professional tools and not collector's pieces.  Each Limited Edition watch is meticulously constructed to meet the demands of the military Aviators, crewmembers, and other working professionals who depend on them. Mechanics, expert divers, tacticians, and first responders count themselves among the many owners who put their trust and faith in our products. We have never let them down. They trust Avian because our watches are reliable in the moments when they need them the most. You can be sure that any watch that you purchase is superbly constructed and ready to handle any adventure that you are willing to face.


We are the leaders of customer and product support in our industry. We are proud of our reputation of providing superior assistance to our customers in the field. We offer a 60 month warranty, the longest in our industry, to protect your investment against mechanical defects or poor workmanship.  We are confident that you will never have to use it, but our warranty protection gives you the extra peace of mind that you need to make a worry free purchase.


Despite the top grade materials and elevated levels of craftsmanship that you find in our watches, our products are remarkably affordable. Larger watch brands charge upwards of $5,000 in some cases for watches that have less features than ours. Our direct-to-consumer model eliminates waste and allows us to focus on building and delivering the best products. We sell directly to our customers, we don't have large and expensive main street boutiques, and never sell our products through a third party vendor. Since you work directly with us, you're always guaranteed to get the best price and product support.


When you own an Avian watch, you're a part of a worldwide network of fellow professionals and passionate enthusiasts who share a dedication to adventure, precision, and superior quality. You become a part of our extended family who we engage with regularly. We host live community events in various military towns across the country, an exciting and truly unique opportunity for Avian owners. You have the opportunity to share your thoughts and have creative input on future AWCO watch products. This community is one-of-a-kind, and an exclusive part of the Avian ownership experience.