In 2018, we founded this company with a singular focus.  Design stunning, well-built, and functional aviation inspired timepieces and sell them directly to the consumer at fair, affordable prices.  With the support of our military aviation community, our first watch release was more than successful and gave us full confidence that our brand and our mission had merit.

We're committed to quality, authenticity and transparency.  We use premium components in our watches sourced from the most capable manufacturers around the world.  We don't subscribe to standard marketing practices of large watch brands.  We are never afraid to share the origins of our products, assembly, or manufacturing.  Our dedication to authenticity means that stories you read from other watch owners are real.  There are no paid actors or make believe pilots here. 

We fly, we've served, we're genuine.  We are resolute in our goal to be the primary choice for quality timepieces for all military aviators and crewmembers.  I hope that the detail and craftsmanship of our products reflects that.  I am sincerely grateful for your continued support as we continue to build this great brand together.  Cheers.

Founder, CEO, Dad 
AVIAN Watch Company



Our brand is inspired by our military service and our fondness for aviation.  We are committed to designing watches with the same level of elegance and operational relevance of the world's most well known brands while remaining price conscious so that even the lowest ranking enlisted Soldier, Sailor, Marine, or Airman can afford one.  You can't live in a watch, or sail the high seas on one, no matter how much you might spend to own it.  Our goal is to design excellent watches, with transparent manufacturing practices, and provide them to the consumer at a fair, reasonable price point.  

Our identity is reflected in our products; we aren't afraid to be bold, nor to depart from the trend of quasi-minimalism, and produce solid, durable, and useable timepieces that are affordable for all.  Beyond watches, our founder thought it important that we didn't just make watches for profit, but that we used our resources and our time make an impact in our community.  We used that guidance to launch the AVIAN10 initiative - an opportunity driven assistance program to guide young adults in at risk communities towards fulfilling careers in aviation, science, and technology.  We set aside 10% of all watch sale revenue each year to fund programs that will give back to the communities that we serve.


Transparency is a core value of our company.  We are committed to upfront and honest with our consumers about the origins of our products and associated manufacturing so that they can make an informed decision, based on their personal preferences.  Like most American watch brands, our watches and their components are imported.  Components from Japan and Switzerland (movements), Italy (leather), and China (watch case) are matched and assembled to create each of our wonderful timepieces.

We focus on making excellent watches and we ethically source our parts and components from the countries and vendors best equipped to meet our strict quality standards, manufacturing cost targets, and output requirements. Our customers can rest assured knowing that we source and use only the highest grade materials in our watches, such as 316L Surgical Grade Steel and Italian Leather, and we stand behind our products with a warranty that lasts for up to 36 months after purchase. 

We are focused on the long term development of a recognizable American watch brand and to that end we have committed to transitioning all major watch assembly operations to the United States by the end of 2020.


Our team is a simple one.  We're former U.S. Army Aviators who like quality watches and do our absolute best to design and deliver the same to our military aviation communities and their supporters at reasonable prices.  Our lust for service is evident in everything that we do here.  We admit that at times our military zeal has led us down the path of 'overreaching' and 'overachieving', but it keeps us moving forward.

We are always accessible to our customers, just as our leaders were to us during our military service.  We have a direct connection with our community and engage with them daily.  From top to bottom, everyone is connected and contactable.  Although they are seldom, we settle any issue that arises directly with the consumer in the most responsible, equitable way possible.

Our team is dedicated to our company's purpose: create quality watches, tell the stories of the people that wear them, and put as much of our time, effort and resources into motivating and inspiring the future generation of leaders and creators in our communities.  Thank you for being a part of our story and our family.