Avian Watch Company (AWCO) builds precision flight instruments for the world's most demanding clients. Our mission: design and build exceptional, unquestionable, military grade timepieces that outperform expectations each and every time, regardless of the operating conditions.

For our team, the art of watchmaking is a no-fail mission.  Our customers are forced to work in some of the most hostile environments on the planet.  They need a guarantee that their watch that can stand up to repeated abuse while maintaining its reliability and its precision. That guarantee is our promise.

We're committed to quality, authenticity and transparency.  We only use top grade components in our watches that we source from the most capable manufacturers around the world.  We are never afraid to share the origins of our products, assembly, or manufacturing. 

Our dedication to authenticity means that stories you read from other watch owners are real.  There are no paid actors or make believe pilots here. We fly, we've served, we're genuine.

We work hard to be the primary timing instrument for military aviators and working professionals across the globe. We look forward to having you as a part of our family. 




Our military service, our #lowlvl flying community, and aviation background inspires every single element of our work. This unique identity is clearly reflected in the way we design our products. We aren't afraid to be bold, nor to depart from the trend of quasi-minimalism, and produce impactful, durable, and functional timepieces that are as reliable and built to last for generations.  

Beyond watches, we thought it was important to employ our resources make a positive impact within the military communities that we serve. We used that guidance to launch the AVIAN10 initiative - an opportunity to set aside a certain portion of our profits each year to support community events and programs for the incredible people that built this company - you.  


Transparency is a core value of our company.  We are committed to upfront and honest with our consumers about the origins of our products and associated manufacturing so that they can make an informed decision, based on their personal preferences.

Like most American watch brands, we use imported components in our watches. Unlike most watch brands, we are very transparent about our sourcing.  The highest quality watch components are professionally sourced from Japan, Switzerland, Italy, China, and Hong Kong and are then matched and assembled by master watchmakers to create each of our wonderful timepieces.

We focus on making excellent watches and we ethically source our parts and components from the countries and vendors best equipped to meet our strict quality standards, manufacturing cost targets, and output requirements. Our customers can rest assured knowing that we source and use only the highest grade materials in our watches, such as high grade 316L Steel and Italian Leather.

We stand behind our products with a warranty that lasts for up 60 months after purchase, more than double the time of comparable luxury brands. Master watchmakers take great care when assembling our new watches and each watch is timed, regulated, and quality checked to the highest standards to ensure the highest degree of functionality and reliability.  


We're a team of former military Aviators, crewmembers, and passionate supporters with a love for watches, an eye for design, and an unwavering commitment to quality and precision.

Despite our growth, we remain committed to being available to our customers.  We have a direct connection with our community and engage with them on a daily basis.  From the CEO to our excellent customer support team, everyone is connected, relatable, and contactable.  Although they are seldom, we settle any issue that arises directly with the consumer in the most responsible, equitable way possible.

Our team is dedicated to our company's purpose: create quality watches, tell the stories of the people that wear them, and put as much of our time, effort and resources into motivating and inspiring the future generation of leaders and creators in our communities.

Stay Safe.